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Or federal agencies. Federal Reserve On Cryptocurrency Conclusion Ultimately, the main job of the United States Federal Reserve is to manage the supply of money and credit in the United States. It’s just centralized electronic money, which they’ve already got bucketloads of. or federal agencies. or federal agencies. Bill Foster (D-Ill. Searching. As the economy recovers, these opportunities may dry up. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve researchers further pointed out that this kind of centralized electronic money doesn’t even need a blockchain to work, in fact:. Governor Lael Brainard said during a virtual technology event yesterday that the US Federal Reserve, in collaboration with research teams from Boston Fed and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is conducting experiments with a hypothetical digital. It's easy to wonder here why cryptocurrency is suddenly getting so much attention at the national level. Cryptocurrency started as trop pour acheter bitcoin a technical discussion on a mailing list, grew into a small movement, attracted hordes of speculators, and then splintered into a zillion useless imitations of itself. Stackhouse offered a few practical considerations on the idea of the Federal Reserve issuing or backing a digital currency, including the need for. But, over the last two years, as bitcoin received mainstream attention and investment, Fed federal reserve cryptocurrency researchers have been unconvinced by the arguments for a national cryptocurrency Unlike other cryptocurrency companies, Metal Pay is seeking a full banking license, meaning it will be allowed to receive deposits in both fiat and digital currencies.